Creating a smarter, trusted solution for the real estate community.

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Digitalising procurement and property management for everyone.

About Us

At Really, we work hard daily to provide a one-stop global solution for landlords and tenants, PMs and vendors.

Our goal is to ultimately simplify and automate methodologies – gradually eliminating dated and traditional processes within the real estate project and property management scene.

We understand that project quality hasn’t improved throughout the years, due to project delays, poor communication, sourcing struggles, inefficient workflows, inaccurate documentation, and the list goes on, draining the industry of valuable time and money daily.

70% of time on manual and repetitive tasks

70% of time

is spent on manual and repetitive tasks when communicating with stakeholders.

100+ man hours a single paper-based tendering process

100+ man hours

or more are spent on a single paper-based tendering process.

20 documents to finalise one vendor per project.

20 documents

or more are required to finalise one vendor per project.

14 Days

or more to conclude a contract with min. of 2 amendments.

Limited vendor reach

Limited Vendor Reach

resulting in less competitive bids and lower quality project output.

Lack of insight

Lack of Insight

into past data for accurate future sustainability planning.

We say 'enough' to inefficiencies,

poor communication and zero transparency today!

Really Singapore
Really Singapore
Really Singapore
Really Singapore
Joerg Zeugner, CEO, Really Singapore

NUS Teacher Mun Kew and I often discussed automation ideas on how to improve present-day corporate real estate project management experience. These discussions ignited my desire and kickstarted me on this journey. After all, as professionals gain smarter technologies with Singapore's Industry Transformation Map, how can we possibly let such a promising industry be latent?

Joerg Zeugner, CEO of Really Pte Ltd
After 18 months of extensive analysis and research on industry pain-points, Joerg Zeugner, Really’s CEO created Data-driven integrated property and facility management platform with B2B marketplace solution within the Prop-Tech sector.

Our Mission

We aim to simplify and automate real estate project management processes. We do this through data-driven integrated property and facility management platform with B2B marketplace for landlords and tenants, PMs and vendors within the real estate industry. Today, we want our real estate community to be a smart and transparent thriving marketplace that is available to all!

Our Philosophy

Our philosophy is pretty simple: Think big, start small. We insist on responsible, progressive growth that ignites creativity at every turn, fostering a positive and vibrant community.ย 

Our Values

With our community at our core, we live these values:



We encourage solution based thinking and the proactiveness to engage in the solving of current issues in the real estate scene.



We demonstrate empathy and respect by taking actionable people-first approaches to our collaborations and discussions.



We cultivate skilfulness in being resourceful and work-smart without compromising on our relationships and performance.


Forward Thinking

We are futuristic enablers and opportunity-creators who continually envision to be at the forefront of the proptech industry.



We embrace all who desire for continuous upskilling and are hungry to learn, share and improve ourselves as trailblazers of this industry.



We yearn to promote a healthy balance of strategic communication and partnerships within players in the real estate industry.



We aim to celebrate and value everyone’s efforts, sucesses, milestones and ideas with pure positive energy and spiritness.

Our core values

Meet Our Team

They say a picture speaks a thousand words. Meet the wacky faces behind this fast-growing prop-tech movement.