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Copious amount of paperwork, hours of administrative tasks, sleepless nights worrying about projects can now be a thing of the past!

Say HELLO to a whole new methodology of project management practices with Really – Singapore’s first one-stop integrated project management, e-tendering and open marketplace solution.

Simplifying and automating modern project management workflows to deliver a highly-satisfactory and efficient property management process by harnessing the power of a community-based marketplace for more quality collaborative projects!

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Really Singapore


A smarter way to create tenders, shortlist and analyse quotations to procure only the best quality vendors for your projects.


Really helps digitalise processes into paperless practices, vastly reducing the number of administrative paperwork needed per project.


Gain access to our fast-growing community of 2,700+ pre-qualified vendors and partners to fulfil all of your projects’ needs.


Communication is always clear, up-to-date, and transparent for all clients and stakeholders, so everyone is crystal clear on updates.

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Here are some of our features designed with you in mind.

Tender Management

Avoid having to manage projects on multiple platforms any longer. You can now manage the entire tendering process within our one-stop software.

Task Management

PMs will be able to set and track tasks, gain foresight into deadlines, gaining control of entire project lifecycle. Allowing transparency with project updates every step of the way.


Get key performance indicators at a glance with our state-of-the-art visual dashboard in real-time. Allowing clarity and transparency into projects and tenders with ease.

Tender Types

Our ‘Open’ and ‘Selective’ tender types allows for PMs to decide whether to allow unlimited vendors on the platform, or a select chosen set of vendors to bid. Choose who you’d like to work with today.

Bids Comparison Table

PMs can now review quotations speedily and accurately by viewing shortlisted quotes side by side against metrics such as price, item, description, warranty, delivery details, and more. Choose only quality quotation for your projects.

Terms Negotiation

With the standard template, it is now possible to negotiate T&CS between clients, vendors and yourself, making negotiation process a breeze! An added addendum allows for changes to be proposed, tracked and amended in real-time easily. 

Pre-Set Templates

Kickstart workflow processes quicker and correctly with pre-set templates such as RFP, T&C, Contract, PO, Invoice and more. Reduce time and achieve error-free projects with our templates today.


Vendors will soon have to go through a pre-qualification process to ensure only those of industry standards remain. Curating only the best of the best in the industry.

Payment Tracking

You can now issue purchase orders, track deliverables, set payment schedules sent by vendors and loads more! Worry about future late payments no more!

Contract Management

Manage all contractual agreements between vendors seamlessly. Be it tender requirements, final service deliveries, warranties or payment matters; negotiate, support and manage away!

Rating and Review

Our 5 tier rating feature allows PMs to rate vendors based on past experiences. These reviews will hep maintain a standard within the community as ratings are displayed on a vendor’s profile.

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