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Property manager procuring for real estate services

The difference between Purchasing and Procurement Processes

Understanding the difference between Purchasing and procurement processes in 2020 + insight into the latest e-procurement tool within the real estate scene.
The Comprehensive Real Estate Glossary: 1209 Terms and Definition for Property Professionals – 2020 Edition

Real Estate Glossary: 1209 Property Terms and Definition – 2020 Edition

Glossary for real estate professionals to understand the definitions of different terms used in the real estate field and be the next real estate guru.
16 Tips to Help Essential Businesses (and others) in Singapore Evolve, Adapt, and Sustain beyond COVID-19

16 Tips to help Vendors Adapt and Evolve their services beyond Covid-19

16 tips to help real estate partners and vendors crisis-proof their business in times of CoVid 19.
Support grants from Singapore Government to businesses and individuals

26 Support Schemes in Singapore for Businesses: SMEs & SEPs Edition

Managing business during COVID-19 can be challenging. If your business is struggling, try applying for these support schemes and grants to help yourself.
Busy with all the the assignments while working from home

17 Work From Home (WFH) Tips For Productivity: Real Estate Edition

Working from home is the new norm but it is tough to adapt. Try out these working from home tips now to increase your efficiency and productivity!
Latest BCA Advisory updates all MAs and MCSTs should know: 2020 edition

BCA Singapore Advisory Updates For MCSTs & MAs: 22 Qns answered

Workplace rules and regulations for MCSTs and Managing Agents during Coronavirus circuit breaker period till 1st June 2020.
Tips to prevent the spread of Coronavirus at workplaces in Singapore | Really Singapore

Coronavirus Sg? Fret not, Covid-proof your Workplace today | #SGUnite

Preventing coronavirus infection from spreading at your workplace is a responsibility shared by everyone. Help protect yourself and your fellow colleagues by trying out these tips!
Contract Negotiation strategy is crucial during a transaction between two parties in a real estate procurement process.

10 Procurement Tips to Sharpen Your Contract Negotiation Process

Developing good contract negotiation strategies can help make or break a business. Here are ten essential contract negotiation tips to help you secure a reasonable deal.
Inevitable Trends in the Real Estate Industry: 2020 Edition

Property Trends Penetrating the Real Estate Industry: 2020 Edition

It is inevitable that new real estate technologies, also known as Proptech innovations, are slowly eclipsing conventional processes.
5G Technology: The Future for Proptech Businesses

How 5G Technology is Shaping the Future for Real Estate

The Future of 5G network within Proptech across industries such as Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) or Artificial Intelligence (AI) within the healthcare, automobile, retail, building security, manufacturing and telecommunications industry.
7 Reasons Why Singapore Is The Best Place For PropTech Startups

7 Reasons Why Singapore Startups Thrive and attract Global Awareness

Singapore has a great infrastructure, a booming economy, a talented workforce, and good living standards. This article discusses 7 reasons why Singapore is the best place for PropTech startups.
Digitalisation is the next procurement revolution within real estate

Why the Future of Procurement is in Artificial Intelligence & Blockchain

To succeed in 2020, real estate players must innovate and change according to the wave of digitalisation. Here's how your procurement team can ride it
Property Technology in Singapore
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